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New Site, New Look

After my venting last week about not being able to move my site to my own wordpress installation, one of my faithful readers came to the rescue.

Rob over at left me a note that indicated formatting may be the problem. After I dug a little deeper I found that the spam comments I had not yet deleted were being included in the export.

I trashed those, did a new export and kazaam! I was able to import into a test bed site on my dev server.

Then I just exported the db and imported it to the live site. will now forward to Not sure if I’m going to fix the alias so the site will show in the address bar, or if this is the time to spread my wings and fly on the domain. I have had urges in the past to do this anyway, so this may be the perfect time…

Either way, for now they will both work.

So come join me over at and be sure to re-subscribe if you are not already using the feedburner feed.

Thanks again Rob!

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WordPress Export/Import

This is an open call to Matt and his team on how to resolve this export/import problem that many users are facing as indicated in this thread.

I’ve tried to export my blog and import it to my own install many times over the last few months, trying any method I can find in the forums to no success.

I’ve tried multiple servers in multiple data centers with multiple host OS’s and PHP installs.

I’m led to believe that the export from to import in a installation just does not work.

Please prove me wrong.

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I seemed to have gotten myself in a pickle

As most of you know or have guessed by now, I am hosting this personal blog at

They have been great so far but the javascript limitation they impose on their users has finally gotten the best of me and I plan to host the wordpress install myself.

Only problem is that all the links to this website use the address.

Now that they have allowed to map your domain to your account I figured I would just point to the site and wait a month or two for everyone to adjust their links and then move behind the scenes with no controversy.

Turns out in order to map your domain to your account (URL) you need to adjust the name servers for your domain which is unacceptable for a few reasons because A:) it will screw up my email at my domain and B:) it will also wreck all of the subdomains I have of (

Anyone have any ideas or is there something I missed? I really have to move this blog once again and loose all the links…

One solution is to import all the stuff into my own install and then leave everything here as well and just use my new install going forward, but it makes things on my end kinda screwy behind the scenes and I’m not sure how long will leave up a blog they think is “in-active”.


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WordPress is all about audio-video integration

Looks like WordPress now has support for Odeo.

Add this to the YouTube and Google Video support and it just goes to prove that WordPress is all about audio and video integration.

I guess my time has come to start a podcast…

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Dammit WordPress.

This new auto save feature does not work with Firefox on Linux.

 I click publish and my posts disappear.


I love WordPress but this is really annoying. How about fixing the error about not enought permissions when adding new categories also.

Actually I can’t get anything to post from wordpress’s editor anymore. I had to use the Performancing Firefox plugin to post.

WordPress so far

I really like WordPress so far. It has a lot more options than Blogger. The one thing I do miss though is the ability to post to my blog via email. I will have to look into this and see what I can come up with or maybe my blackberry can handle the website interface to create and post…