Everyone has problems…right?

I have this problem. The thing is I am a collector. I’m one of those people that would rather save everything than throw away anything.

Mind you this sometimes goes in spurts. For awhile I will get pretty good about throwing things away but then all is lost and I resort back into the same old habits.

The thing I find most discouraging about throwing things away it there is always a period that they may be useful for. For example if I upgrade the RAM in my computer and replace the current stick with a larger stick, the old stick may serve a purpose in another machine sometime down the road. The same mentality applies to just about anything. Do you ever save a piece of paper with a note on someones phone number or appointment date only to find it three years later?

That’s were I go wrong. I have no problem deciding whether something is worth keeping or not, I just have a problem of never having the time to go back and re-evaluate it three, six, or even one year down the road.

The same goes for computer files. Especially computer files. As hard drives keep growing and growing, I just keep saving and saving. I have literally saved the C++ assignments from the first year of college. These were some of the first files I ever created. I still have them. Now it’s more for nostalgia, but you get the point.

Anyway enough rambling.

On to the point.

I had one… I think?

Oh yeah.

Organization. I collect bookmarks on the Internet like most people, but I save a lot. I mean a ton. That’s why I thought del.icio.us was the answer to my prayers but it just wasn’t user friendly and it is un-godly slooowwww. I thought it would help when Yahoo! bought them, but apparently they paid enough to buy them, but not enough to afford new servers.

I used to just put them in my bookmarks, but in the average week I will use 3-4 differnet computers and then I never have any of them synced together.

The common thread I have is that I use FireFox almost exclusively. And that is where the FoxMarks extension comes in. This is the answer to my prayers. I have no problem keeping all my bookmarks in sync on all my computers now and I don’t have to do a thing to keep them synced.

The only problem is I went from having only a handful of my most visited sites in my bookmarks to hundreds, cross that, thousands.

I have 18 folders in the base of my favorites to try to organize the chaos but at least they are there. Probably never to be visited again, but they are there and I take comfort in that.

Thanks again FoxMarks for adding to my vice.

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