US Blackberry Servers down

I woke up this morning and checked my blackberry, which I do every morning, to see if any emergencies had sprung up overnight.

To my amazement I found only 4 new messages since I had went to sleep. Usually there are about 50-100.

So I got up and instead of heading for the shower, I booted up my laptop, expecting my mail servers were down, work’s mail servers were down, or various alerting servers were down that I have configured.

Turns out all was well online, and my blackberry was refusing to sync up how it should. Well it turns out it is not just me but almost everyone in the US.

Hopefully it is back soon. Amazing how I rely on that little device…

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One response to “US Blackberry Servers down

  1. Just curious. I’m not familiar with Blackberry at all. If the service goes down like it did last night, is there an alternate way of checking your email? Like a web-based email for example. Thanks for the answer.

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