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Camping Recipes

Camping season is upon us so I thought I would post a few different sites with recipes.

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Why we are a nation of Debt

NEW YORK – Although it has already taken nearly four decades to get
this far in building the Internet, some university researchers with the
federal government’s blessing want to scrap all that and start over.

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Google Acquires Internet

MAY 12, 2017 – BUSINESSWIRE. Mountain View-based search giant Google
Inc today announced they’ve acquired the internet for the astounding
sum of $2,455.5 billion in cash. The deal had been rumored in various
search blogs since the beginning of the year and was now confirmed by
the company’s CEO. “This is in line with our vision to make information
more accessible to end users,” says Eric Schmidt. “With the
acquisition, we can increase the speed of indexing as everything will
already be on our servers by the time it’s published.”

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Homemade Dog Food

Worried about the recent pet food recall? Now you can make your own food with these recipes:

Pet owners are worried about what to feed their cats and dogs since the recent recall of 95 brands of pet food.

The Food and Drug Administration reported that several cats and dogs have died of kidney failure after eating tainted pet food. The cause of the contamination is under investigation.

The Herald published a story on preparing homemade meals for your pet
in the Food section on March 7; readers who didn’t take notice then might be interested in the recipes now.

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