Violent Acres and Society

Violent Acres hits another nail on the head with her latest post on what makes people less than stellar:

The flip side to this is putting too much stock in what others
think about you. Since I’ve started this website, I’ve been called
evil, cruel, hateful, stupid, immature, meandering, a sociopath, a
pedophile, a monster. I have not cried myself to sleep. Not
once. First of all, I can see merit in a lot of those statements. But
more importantly, I can see where those statements lack merit. Ultimately, I
am the only expert on my psyche. Why would I value someone’s opinion of
myself over my own? Why would I give a nameless, faceless, stranger on
the Internet the power to shame me, humiliate me, or hurt me? Why
should my self esteem be so fragile that Susie BlowJo from Michigan can
completely destroy it with a few casually typed out sentences?

Well said, read it all here

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