Mod Your Xbox 360 to Play Burned Games

How to Mod your Xbox to play burned games

Now I really may consider buying one!

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14 responses to “Mod Your Xbox 360 to Play Burned Games

  1. Such Simplicity :O 😀

  2. can you still play xbox live after your xbox has been modded?

  3. not sure, as I do not own one!

  4. if your not sure than why on earth would you comment?

  5. just passing on a link that I found interesting to my readers…

  6. Very good! Well documented and concise. I know you mentioned that it “may” kick you off XBox live…and to use at our own risk…..but have you attempted to access XBox Live? Did you get banned? Are there any cases where people have been “booted” off using this method? Just wondering the risk factor and want to pass this information along to customers.

  7. @Tim, I have not personally modded an XBox so I do not know for sure the outcome of doing so…

  8. yes you get banned… friend of mine did it and as soon as he signed on they kicked him off permanetly

  9. not all games you get banned
    some games when the copy isnt good i havnt been caught as of yet .

  10. He i got an 360 and i upgraded my firmware.
    Now i can play burned games, and i can go online with xbox live. If you are upgrading your xbox with a modchip microsoft will detect this and ban you from xbox live. Also if your firmware is upgraded be aware that you CAN banned from live because its not legal.

    My box is upgraded a year ago and never had any problems connecting to live or playing online games.

    PS if you are banned from xbox live there is an option to get on it again, i got also a box with a mod chip and i was banned, when i changed my mac and internal IP (other ISP by WIFI) i just reconnected and i got an live connection.

    If i were u consider upgrading your firmware instead of placing a mod chip in your console.
    Also with a mod chip you can replace your interface with another one. By firmware upgrading it is also possible but more things to to before you can replace the original one.

    Greets Rick

  11. Can anybody help me out…..I was wondering can you sighn off xbox play the burned game offline sighn on l8r after playing and still not get caught……. I play xbox but never played burned discs b4

  12. I was wondering if anyone got their xbox mod if it overheated cause of the chip

  13. if i mod my 360 what happens when i get the red rings?? can i send it in to get it fixed?? or can i put it back to normal before i send it in??

  14. you will get banned off of xbox live if you use this method. There are a few ways around getting booted but all of them require a mod chip.

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