How To Beat Writing Fatigue

Being in the computer business, I find myself in a lot of meetings with network maps being drawn on the white board that I would love to capture effortlessly to my computer for later retrieval.

What I usually do is hand draw everything and then try to go back to a program like Visio to capture them on my computer.

Not anymore. With ScanR I can just photograph the white board, email them, and have them send me back a PDF of the drawing. Excellent.

I have not yet tried their free service but I hear it is great.

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One response to “How To Beat Writing Fatigue

  1. How can you speak of/about a service you did not try ???

    Actually, the mobile copy technology and concept you’re describing was first pioneered and showcased in 2005 by an innovative European company called Realeyes3D. They have launched a service in the US called qipit ( during DEMOFall 2006 last september. With qipit you can use your camera phone or digital camera to turn pictures into documents in seconds. You can then easily share the black and white or color clear crisp digital copies with anybody from or store them online in your private, secure document center.

    I did try the service and can tell you it works in almost any lighting conditions and delivers very good quality copies, provided you have a decent camera phone (1.3 + Mpixel w/ autofocus)

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