Want to Buy a Kirby?

Today at lunch I got attacked by a door to door Kirby vacuum cleaner man. He kinda stole my whole lunch hour although I was impressed with the demo just not the price. I mean you can afford a $1900 vacuum? I don’t care if it has a lifetime warranty. Who wants the same old-looking vacuum for 50 years?

I do admit though, the thing was pretty high tech. It had its own transmission and everything. It really was a breeze to push and use. Maybe I’ll just get a Roomba and let it go 24 hours a day. Do you think that will work as good? Prolly not as witnessed by his demo. He vacuumed my carpet with 104 passes on one spot with my vacuum and then went over once with the Kirby and the results were disgusting and we have a Riccar which is supposed to be the cat’s meow…

Update: Here is a picture of the stuff it picked up off the floor:



2 responses to “Want to Buy a Kirby?

  1. just looking out for you...
  2. I don’t think so!

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