Whats in a Number?

Apparently a lot. I just realized I have had the same cell phone number for about 10 years. That’s almost as long as I’ve had a cell phone. In fact this mobile number is only the second cell phone number I’ve ever had. (220-3021 was the first).

What is the big deal? Why would I keep it that long?

Plenty of reasons. I can think of many times that old friends have called just to see if I still had the same number when they switched to a new phone. I’m guilty of this too. Whenever I switch phones or when I have a few hours to kill and am cleaning out old numbers I call the ones I don’t talk to on a regular basis just to see if it is the same number. Never have I had a bad phone call from having the same number.

In fact I stayed with the same service provider for years until number portability came about just so I could keep my number. I don’t think I’m the only one either. Plenty of my friends have had the same mobile number for years although their house number may change as did mine over the last 10 years quite frequently due to moving and just plain turning off service unless I got a better deal by bundling it with my cable TV.

Land line phones I never got attached to. The longer you have a land line phone the more telemarketers you get. I don’t get that with my cell number. I have no reason to change it. Do you?

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