Daily Archives: July 24, 2006

Credible or Cocky?

Chris over on Performancing said that bloggers may be getting undue respect just because they are published. (I paraphrased that so don’t get all anal on me…) Anyway I agree. Lots of times I will see a blogger trying to push content for whatever reason. I have tried not to do this as I want to remain credible, but I really don’t offer any credibility other than my name and picture. This brings me to my next question. Should I post my resume or work experience on my blog? I’ve always refrained away from this as I don’t want to come off as being arrogant but maybe it will make me more credible to those that don’t know me personally. Scoble recently talked about how a resume is no longer needed , and a blog should be your resume. That’s all fine and dandy if you are recognizable, but what if most people don’t know you from the guy/girl next door?


Stock Market Woes

So last week I sold all my Apple stock, because it was way under performing and I thought jumping into Yahoo! after they announced their earnings and fell about 5% was a steal. It looks like the Yahoo! stocks have not done too bad, and I expect them to re-align to what they were before in the next month or two, but the Apple stock is what pissed me off. The day after I sold them they announced their earnings and jumped up about 5% since. Sometimes you just can’t win. Good thing I’m not a day trader or I would be prolonging my retirement. At least my 401K is doing fine as most of that is in my employer’s stock and that has been doing great over the last few years…