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How to get up early

Matthew Stibbe has an interesting write up on how to get up earlier:

Alarms. I set my beside alarm for 0600 – and this is the clever psychology – I also set my telephone to ring at 0605 but I put the phone on the other side of the room so that I have to get out of bed to stop it ringing. In the UK, you dial *55*0605# to do this. What happens is this: either I wake up and cancel the alarm or I get up and answer the call to stop it ringing. First, we’re strongly programmed to answer the phone*. Second, I’m very strongly programmed not to wake my wife up! A ringing phone will do this so I have powerful motivators at work: guilt and fear. This technique works every time but I had previously reserved it for early morning trips to the airport and things like that.

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Pretty good advice. Subscribed.


HorsePigCow on Marketing

Tara Hunt lists the Top 10 things Pinko Marketers [regret having] to repeat to some clients:

  1. Viral? You may want to take something for that.
  2. You want to target teenage girls on MySpace? Have you ever been a teenage girl on MySpace?
  3. What do you mean you want to design a social tagging application that my mother could use? My mother socially tags?
  4. Of course you should be concerned about appealing to the mainstream…they care so much about what you are doing.
  5. No, I can’t promise we’ll get you 100,000 users by your VC meeting next week
  6. You want to own all of the data/be the next Google/set the standards/etc., too? What a coincidence!
  7. Yes, that IS considered SPAM.
  8. How about before we start talking about what you ‘could’ be we talk about where you need to be today.
  9. Naw…you are right….Mac users don’t matter…
  10. Yes, you should definitely be targeting the MySpace market – they haven’t had enough attention yet.

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I think this holds true to most clients… It’s amazing some of the things I have been asked over the years.