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More of a test than anything

I’m just testing out posting from my blackberry phone as I’m not sure if I will have internet at the hotel we are staying at in Minneapolis for Trenton’s eye surgery.

We leave very early Thursday morning and tomorrow I have a ton of stuff to do including getting the tranny oil changed in my Avalanche before the trip.


Eichele Wedding

I’m getting ready to head down to Streeter for James’s wedding. I’m taking the camper so we don’t have to drive back tonight. Should be an all night party, knowing the groom!

Last night we went out to Driscoll, as the bar owner’s sister was having a 21st birthday celebration. I was surprised by the amount of people out there. Ended up having a great time.

Well I’m off to Streeter.

Trenton comes for a visit

Heather stayed with us the other night with the new baby, Trenton. Pedro was really jealous about having something compete for his attention. One thing I noticed, is even after they had left, the house smelled like "baby" for like 2 days. Unbelievable how something so small can leave such a lasting effect…

Long Week!

Wow, what a week. Glad it is finally over. Got a lot accomplished this week though. Sealed two new accounts. Got approval on another about a design. Gave my final speech for college. I think I sold my laptop. DJ in Steele tonight. Out in New Salem tomorrow. Wow what a week!

Coke and Pepsi agree to quit selling at schools

Well ain’t this a wonderful thing:

Coke and Pepsi agree to quit selling pop at schools

Oh this makes them look like such a great company, helping fight teen obesity and all. They are even giving up all their sales and such.

Anyone thought of this? All the kids are just gonna walk across the street and buy it at the local convenience store and spend an extra $.25 because of taxes and the fact that it’s not coming out of a vending machine. Wow, Coke and Pepsi actually stand to increase profits off this move. Unbelievable.

Scott Adams on Pay Equality

gender_payThis is a subject I like to follow because I don’t think there is any real answer but I like to hear the theories.  Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert, weighs in:

I have a hobby of asking men and women, and boys and girls, if they would prefer to be CEO of a major company or enjoy an easier lifestyle with less money. About half of all males say they’d take the CEO option with all of its downsides. Females occasionally opt for the hypothetical CEO lifestyle but not often. All other things being equal, the person with the most desire will have the best results. I’ve never seen a study that measured desire.
Read More: Gender Pay Disparity

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At least someone thinks so!

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