Writely Aquired by Google

googleWritely was acquired by Google this week. I have used Writely over the last few months and think it is a great application. Definitely the best one out there in its category. This doesnít come as a big surprise to me that Google snatched them up. In fact it fits in really nicely with their game plan. I suspect that we will see an OS rather soon, prolly in the next 12 to 18 months, from Google that will be web based and will tie all their current offerings together into one big productivity suite.

Letís review what they already have:

  • an email program (GMail)
  • a web page building program (Google Pages)
  • a web statistics service (Google Analytics)
  • a word processor (Writely)
  • a photo sharing service (Flickr)
  • a blog service (Blogger)
  • Instant message service (GTalk)
  • possible drive storage (GDrive)
  • etc, etc, etc

What really more do they need before they take this show on the road? My next guess is they will go after eyeOS for their online OS needs if they arenít already building one in house already. Letís face it, if Google offers a free web-based OS there will be a huge market share move in the OS department as people abandon Windows and move to Google.

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