Monthly Archives: March 2006


coldI seemed to have contracted a cold somewhere along the way this week and am not very happy about it. Between the runny nose and the conference at work all week I have been very busy. I feel like I am really out of touch because I have been on a computer like 3 hours total all week so be prepared for the posting as I get back up to speed.


Wiki Software

wikiI’ve been playing around with some Wiki software for an upcoming project. Wiki’s have always kind of amazed me just by the nature of the system. That is the edit-by-all concept. It always amazes me that a project like Wikipedia has been so successful.

I would like to find a dotnet version of software although it looks as though most are written in PHP. Does anyone have any recommendations on a Wiki platform that has worked well for you?

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New Job for Jon

new_jobSorry about the lack of updates over the last couple of days. I was out and about all weekend DJ’ing and buying new speakers. Then when I returned to work yesterday I got a phone call in the afternoon offering me a job I had applied for over a month ago. I was pretty stoked as I didn’t have much faith in getting it after that much time had gone by. So my full-time programming days are coming to a close. I still think I will do a lot of website stuff on the side for my company but at work my new focus will be IT and network security. Same employer just a different department. I’m looking forward to the change of pace and think it will offer a lot of new experiences.
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Google Finance Released

Google released a neat new toy today to add to their ever growing collection of goodies. Google Finance looks like it will compete with Yahoo!’s financial pages. Right now it is pretty barebones but it does allow you to track your investments very easily.
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Blown Sub on Friday Night

subThis weekend we had a great time out in Driscoll. Friday night I ended up blowing a sub woofer in one of my speaker cabinets. So Saturday I played with my new Peavey SP2 speakers. Saturday, there were fewer people due to the weather forecasts but it still turned out to be a great weekend.
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Blackberry Goes to the Opera

bbOpera released a version of their browser that is compatible with the blackberry. They offer an Over the Air (OTA) download so you can try it out without the need to connect to your computer for installation. Install Link Here I have installed and it works OK. Seems to render pages better than the built in browser although they do not make full use of the scroll wheel and rather navigation is done like a phone would (use your top left and right keys to access the menus) Another thing I noticed is that the built in automatically adds periods instead of spaces when typing a URL while Opera mini does not. All in all, I give it 4 out of 5 stars, mostly because it is free.

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Party in Driscoll at Uncle Jesse’s Bar

djI will be out in Driscoll Friday and Saturday night to DJ at Uncle Jesse’s Bar. Should be a great time both nights. I think the younger crowd will be out Friday night and there are quite a few Bismarck locals coming on Saturday night. Last time I was out there we packed in about 250-300 people in that little bar and we hope to do the same this weekend! See you out there!