Daily Archives: February 28, 2006

What if Microsoft Designed the iPod?

I love this parody of Microsoft. Probably the best little video I’ve seen this year. Must see. Go watch it already.

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Microsoft Origami Project

tabletIt looks like Microsoft is going after the cool factor that has been Apple’s baby for quite some time now. Project Origami appears to be something I have wanted ever since the tablet came out but no one ever made it. There is a video here that apparently was leaked before Microsoft was ready as they are stating March 2nd as a release date. While trying to unearth some more facts or video I stumbled on this Slashdork link, apparently some things never change. I think the anti-Microsoft has even amplified in recent months. Say what you want about Microsoft, but at least the evangelists don’t live in their parents basement.
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Apple’s Big Event with Little New

mouseApple had their big event today. What did they announce? Nothing really. An overpriced iPod stereo and sleeve and an Intel Mac Mini. I am kinda excited about the Mac mini just because I am kinda in the market for a media center and this is getting real close now that it comes with FrontRow. I think I will still wait though. Bummer, I was really hoping for a new iPod as I am looking to upgrade my 2nd generation iPod that now longer is recognized by my computer since I upgraded to iTunes 6.
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