Blog Changes

I have been contemplating this whole blog thing for awhile now. I have decided a few things right off the bat. First is that I want to blog, and blog more. I want to break up my blogging into different sites. The reason for this being is that I want to have all posts related to my business (Internet Wonders) be on one site. All the posts relating to my DNN module development branch site (GotDNN) on another and my personal and technical stuff not related to either, here (Midspot).

So I have decided to break away from the mold I have been in for quite a few years and try something different. Change is good. I’ve even decided that I need to use something other than DNN for blogging. This has become apparent in recent months as the blogging world has taken off in size and stature. No longer is “home-grown” blogging software able to keep up with the larger blogging platforms in features and “collectiveness”. What I mean by this is that services such as Blogger and WordPress have tools built in for automatic pings, trackbacks, etc and every time something new comes out you have to hand code your own solutions to integrate with the service if it’s even possible to do such a thing. The blogging tools built into DotNetNuke are great for the hobbyist blogger, but I like to think that I’m going bigger than that. I could have made my very own blogging software but I don’t want to support all the changes and features that come out ever few weeks.

So I guess I am jumping on the bandwagon. The only thing left was the idea of having my blogs hosted somewhere other than my own servers. Well I found out that Blogger supports publishing to an FTP site so I guess all the files will be in my control. WordPress allows you to set it up on your own server but I don’t like the idea of using a mySQL database for the back end. Not that there is anything wrong with mySQL I just like MS SQL more. So I guess Blogger it is. Hang on cause we are about to go for a ride!


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