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Search Engine Placement Made Easy

I’ve done close to the impossible.

On Friday May 11th, I purchases a domain. I set up a site on the domain that evening. I also posted a couple of posts to the new formed blog.

Today (May 14th) I noticed that it was number one on Google search for the two words I wanted it listed for.

No it’s not an obscure word or phrase but rather common. In the IT world anyway. Actually it is the number one result out of 1.4 million results.

The phrase?

I can’t tell you yet, but I will soon. I want to build up the domain with more content before I start targeting traffic to it.

I also took a screen shot that I will post later to prove that in 3 days I went from non-existent to the first search result.

Who said search engine optimization is hard? I’m not guaranteeing that I will stay there for long but I was surprised to see myself there already…

Remember to keep watch for how I done it coming soon…

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Regular Expressions, Easy at Last

Being a programmer, I can always appreciate a well written technical tutorial.

This has to be the best tutorial ever written on Regular Expressions:

The absolute bare minimum every programmer should know about regular expressions

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100 Useful Ubuntu Links

I’ve been using Ubuntu for over a year now, and frankly I think it has Vista beat. As soon as my college classes are done this semester I will be formatting my new laptop (which came with Vista Home Premium) and installing Ubuntu.

Now that Dell is on board to offer Ubuntu on new Dell laptops and PCs, I don’t see this market getting any smaller.

100 Useful Ubuntu Links

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Recover CD Key

Need to recover your CD key from your Windows install or for Office?

Look to Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder which works on Vista and Office 2007.

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Blink Internet Security Suite

eEye Digital Security is offering Blink Personal Internet security with Antivirus for free as a 1-year subscription for personal and home office use in North America1. This offer is only available for a limited time, so you must act now!

Full Link

Personally, I’m a big fan of AVG for antivirus, but eEye’s products in the past have been pretty good…

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Seeking a Car That Gets 100 Miles a Gallon

The race is on to develop a commercially viable car that can travel 100 miles on a gallon of gasoline.

same group that awarded $10 million to a team that built the first
private spacecraft to leave the earth’s atmosphere is expected to
announce today the rules for its automotive competition.

I’ll be surprised if the oil companies let this come to fruition…

Full Link

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LEAKED: 5 More Geek Squad Manuals

Looks like the fix all manuals from the Geek Squad at Best Buy have been leaked…

Full Story Here

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RIAA Backs Down After Receiving Letter from Defendant’s Lawyer

I’m glad to see someone finally beat these guys.

I really wonder why artists need record labels anymore? With all the online music stores, you think they would get smart and skip the middle man…

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Students use Ubuntu also

Yesterday, I volunteered some time to help judge a TSA science fair competition. The category I was judging was website design/creation.

I have to say I was amazed at some of the skill sets these kids have developed at such a young age.

One thing that I really enjoyed is one group of high schoolers had chosen to host their own website and when I asked what platform they were hosting on, he replied, “Ubuntu 6.10″.

Thadda boy!

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Spam for my Domain

I have been evaluating Zimbra email services, which I find to rock so far (more to come) and have been amazed at the amount of spam my main business domain ( receives.

Here is the snapshot since I started the trial:

That’s right, it peaked at 20 thousand messages per day before I disabled the catch-all account for the domain. (So anything(at) would get delivered). Having a catch all address set is usually nothing more than a spam trap, as in this case, but I wanted to train the spam filters in a very short time to test the worthiness of the product.

Needless to say they got their fill of spam!

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